In full view in the Eredivisie

It’s Sunday evening and all the Netherlands are sitting, plates on laps, watching football. After the match, the players are interviewed in the tunnel in quick succession. Behind them you can see billboards featuring all the sponsors, which have to be clearly visible; not just behind the tall goalie, but behind the diminutive midfielder too. That’s not a problem for the interviewer, who can move the boards higher or lower at the touch of a button.

In full view in the Eredivisie

The question

Sports Exposure asked us for a solution for mounting two sponsor boards, at a 90-degree angle. What’s more, the boards must be able to go up and down with ease.

Our solution

We provided a light, easy-rolling and electrically adjustable mounting system, in which you can hang the two boards at an angle of 90 degrees. The real pleasant surprise for our client was that both boards can easily and quickly be moved up and down simultaneously – at the touch of a button. That means you don’t have to operate them separately, and that saves time. The boards are now hanging in every football stadium in the Netherlands, from FC Utrecht to FC Groningen. And that’s something we’re proud of, every single Sunday.

About Sport Exposure

Sports Exposure primarily supplies billboards to sporting events broadcast on television, such as hockey or skating competitions, as well as during football matches in the Eredivisie, Jupiler League and foreign football leagues.