Thanks to our ErgoFrame line, working with a screen or touchscreen has never been easier. These robust, electric lifts are suitable for a range of screens varying in size and weight. Bring them to the right height at the push of a button.

Most ErgoFrame lift systems are fully assembled, but the ones that aren’t are really easy to assemble. The mobile ErgoFrame lift systems are equipped with large wheels so you can easily manoeuvre them over thresholds.

In addition to convenience, we’ve of course also thought of safety and aesthetics. Nearly every ErgoFrame lift system is equipped with a Safety Stop, which stops the system automatically when it comes into contact with, for example, a table during height adjustment. Finally, we’ve left room in the frame for power strips and cables. Everything is neatly stowed away and no distracting elements remain hanging under the screen.




You can expand this system with accessories that make working with this lift system even easier, more enjoyable and more fun. Allowing you to focus even more on your task.

Need customisation?

Need something different from our standard range? We are happy to think along with you!