We develop and manufacture standard and customised lift and mounting systems to mount touchscreens and screens to ceilings, walls and floors. We also have a range of freestanding and mobile versions. We design our systems with the end user in mind: safe, durable, functional and high quality. Our end customers are mainly businesses and institutions, such as schools, hospitals and banks.

“ErgoXS stands for functionality. We design and manufacture high-quality mounting and lift systems for all types of screens. We have years of experience and put ourselves in the end user’s position and workplace. This way we create products that really work, with 100% Dutch craftsmanship.”

Why ErgoXS

ErgoXS stands for functionality. Our products do what they are supposed to do, providing optimal support to the people using them during their work activities. Our products are functional, because during evelopment, we think mainly about the people who will be using them. From floor solutions to wall solutions and from mobile trolleys to TV lifts. ErgoXS has a line of products to solve any problem, whether it’s in the classroom or boardroom. Because what all our product users have in common is that they want to tell stories. And those stories come across best when the materials used work perfectly. Because the less hindrance there is from the equipment you’re working with, the less it distracts from what really matters: the content.

Our history in a nutshell

ErgoXS was established in Tolbert in Groningen in 2006 as Score’s little brother, which manufactures ergonomic work chairs. A real family business. Score saw an opportunity in the selling of ergonomic screen mounts; and ErgoXS was born. In the years that followed, information technology continued to develop. The chalkboard made way for the digital whiteboard with a projector, creating a new market for ErgoXS to target. To better serve our customers, we shifted our focus to electric suspension and mobility for large screens. This made our customers very happy and we’ve now grown into a major player on the international market.

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Own product development

From design to assembly and from packing to contact with the outside world: everything is done here at the same location in Tolbert. Our factory and office are located right next to each other. This means the communication lines between our product developers and production employees are short, allowing us to respond quickly to dealers and customers. We work here with a team of 65 employees day in, day out with heart and soul on the most fantastic systems. Systems that are right, down to the very last detail: because we won’t settle for less. New solutions are conceived, developed, built and tested until they are completely right and then released into the world. We’re inspired by our end users’ experiences, but we also rely on our specialists’ years of experience. Now that’s craftsmanship!

Craftsmanship, customisation and flexibility 

At ErgoXS, we have a large number of standard systems in our range. But if a specific situation requires a customised solution, we deliver. We don’t just design our products, we also manufacture them ourselves. 100% Dutch craftsmanship right here in our own factory in Tolbert. The communication lines with our dealers and end users are short. Does a particular situation require specific customisation? We would be happy to consult with you to discuss the options. Because we’re flexible and do what it takes to keep our customers happy. It makes us happy too, because that’s part of trustworthy entrepreneurship. They’re happy, we’re happy.

Durability and quality

A mounting system that can adjust a touchscreen to the right height with just one push of a button. A mobile setup that supports a screen and where you can neatly stow away all the cables. A television lift hidden away perfectly in a cabinet. Our high-quality products aren’t just functional but also extremely durable, safe and handy to use. And of course we focus on the design as well, because we understand the importance of an attractive product.

We work closely with our materials and parts suppliers, because every component must meet strict criteria. We choose our materials with great care so you can enjoy using our products for decades to come. They’re tough and durable and we produce them sustainably as much as possible. So choosing ErgoXS doesn’t mean just choosing quality, it’s also choosing sustainability.

Our promise, certification and service

A company’s success has nothing to do with profit. It’s about keeping promises. Our promise is to deliver high-quality lift systems made by our own specialised craftsmen who are rewarded fairly for their dedication. And we develop and manufacture our systems with respect for our environment. That’s what we stand for at ErgoXS.

We guarantee the quality of our products with, among other things, our ISO certification. The quality management system that we set up in accordance with this ISO certification helps us keep our organisation healthy. This allows us to continuously improve both the process quality and the quality of our products and services.

Thanks to this system, it’s clear to everyone what we do, how we do it and that we comply with the applicable laws and regulations. It also helps us to further develop our organisational policy, to motivate and train our employees, to increase our quality awareness, to maintain lasting relationships with dealers and to increase general customer satisfaction.

vrouwelijke leraar middelbare school die vraag stelt die bij interactieve whiteboard staat om les te geven

Our branches

At ErgoXS, we want our customers to be more than just satisfied. Whether they teach in a classroom or have to give a perfect pitch, brainstorm in groups, work in a small office or in a hospital or university. The end users of our products are our main priority. By putting ourselves in their shoes and delving into their various (work) situations, we provide solutions that really work. What’s more, thanks to our many years of experience, we think about details our customers may overlook.

Jonge arts in gesprek met groep collega's en zakenmensen tijdens presentatie in congrescentrum.

Our product lines

Systems for touchscreens, digital whiteboards, televisions, single, dual, electrically or manually adjustable, for on the wall or on the ceiling: ErgoXS has it all. And to give you a good overview, we’ve divided them into four lines. Whether you need them in a classroom or boardroom. Every user wants to be inconvenienced as little as possible by the things they work with, because it only distracts from what really matters: the content.

Zakenmensen in een bespreking waarbij een dame voor de groep staat te presenteren

Our dealer network

As a developer and manufacturer of lift systems, our products are only available through selected dealers, both nationally and internationally. These dealers are extremely important to us and are located all over the world. They’re familiar with industry-specific requirements so they can brainstorm along with you to find the ideal lift system for your (work) situation. Need a customised lift system? The communication lines with our dealers are short. They’re happy to help.

Afro-Amerikaanse professor krijgt applaus van haar studenten terwijl ze hen een lezing geeft in de klas.

The people behind ErgoXS

We’ve already told you what we do, where we do it, how we do it and why we do it, but who exactly are the people behind ErgoXS? Find out here. We’ll introduce them to you!

Meet the team

Glimlachende volwassen onderneemster die presentatie geeft op kantoor. Vrouwelijke ondernemer staat bij whiteboard in bestuurskamer. Zij legt strategie uit aan collega's tijdens vergadering.

Visit our showroom 

Come, view and test our products in our showroom in Tolbert. Several of our products are on display here so you can easily compare them. Contact us for an appointment.

Make an appointment

Professor wijst naar student met opgeheven hand in klaslokaal. Student die een hand met een vraag voor de leraar opheft. Docent die in de klas lesgeeft terwijl meisje een vraag heeft tijdens een wiskundeles.


Our systems are more than just your systems. We make them with the utmost precision. Because we have full confidence in the quality, we provide them with a 5-year Carry-in warranty.

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