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Homeline suspension systems screenWe make things easy for you

Quickly raise a digital whiteboard? Start a presentation in a meeting room in no time. We like to make things easy for people. That makes us happy.

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We make things easy for you

Quickly raise a digital whiteboard? Start a presentation in a meeting room in no time. We like to make things easy for people. That makes us happy.

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Bending steel, welding seams and drilling holes: in our own factory in Tolbert, our technical experts work with great precision on almost all the products you see on this website. With the factory right next door to our office, we can communicate quickly with production. That makes us flexible, and that’s important because technology is always changing. And so are the needs of the end user. We keep a close eye on this and continue to innovate.

Established as a Frisian family business and expanded in Tolbert, Groningen, Northern common sense is in our blood. That makes us honest and straightforward. With us, you always know exactly where you stand.

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TÜV Certification for our Slimline Compact!

Yes, great news for our Slimline Compact! We are proud to announce that both the Trolley and the Wall Lift of the Slimline Compact have received the prestigious TÜV certification. This certificate is a great confirmation of our commitment to delivering high-quality, safe, and environmentally friendly products.


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TÜV Certification for our Slimline Compact

Our productlines

Are you looking for an electric lift system or a slightly more affordable manual version? A system that you mount on the wall, floor or ceiling, or a mobile one? A single lift system or a larger batch? We have clearly divided the options into categories so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

Ergoframe suspension systemsErgoFrame

Our robust fixed and mobile ErgoFrame lift systems are suitable for a range of screen sizes and weights. They are electrically adjustable to the right height at the push of a button. The ErgoFrame lift systems are in most cases fully assembled and otherwise easy to assemble yourself.

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Flexline suspension systemsFlexline

Our Flexline range consists of high-quality and cleverly designed systems. They are easy to mount on floors, walls and ceilings, or mobile. Flexline systems are more friendly priced than our electrical systems, but make no mistake: we haven’t skimped on anything. The possibilities are endless!

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Slimline suspension systems screenSlimline

We deliver our Slimline products in large batches. We cleverly package them as a do-it-yourself package, keeping transport costs low. Ideal for export and tenders. Of all lift systems, the Slimline fits the most extensive range of VESA screen sizes and they are TÜV and CE certified, so super safe.

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Homeline suspension systems screenHomeline

Our Homeline is a little bit different. Even though the products are intended for wholesalers and furniture makers, we ultimately see them mainly in private homes. The systems are easy to operate and can be neatly tucked away: so you bring your television out when you need it and afterwards it disappears again.

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