Floor solutions (freestanding)

If you want to place a touchscreen or flatscreen anywhere in the room in a safe and sturdy way, then the floor solutions in our ErgoFrame and Flexline range are what you’re looking for. From large to smaller screens, loose on the floor, partly on the wall or clamped between floor and ceiling: our range has it all. And they’re solid as a mountain! No matter how small our floor plates are, the materials are super strong and the lift system you mount on them stays put.

Solid as a rock, as they say. And that’s not all: the lift systems are available in both electrically and manually adjustable versions, with and without a lockable latch that prevents anyone from accessing the equipment, with remote control to adjust the height of the lift system from a distance, and much more. Safe, complete and easy. That’s our motto at ErgoXS.

Need customisation?

Need something different from our standard range? We are happy to think along with you!