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From tiltable tables on wheels to height-adjustable wall systems: you’ll find it all in our extensive range.


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Working with a monitor or touchscreen more easily

With the Flexline, the most user-friendly mounting system

From presenting information to interactive communication: first and foremost, working with a monitor or touchscreen has to be easy. And that’s precisely what our unique Flexline mounting system provides.



We offer a wide selection of standard products, but sometimes what you need is something that bit different. In that case, we’re happy to provide ideas for a customised solution.

The user comes first
We first discuss how the user actually is during a telephone call or a visit. What are their needs? What is the situation? What’s more, we consider details you might not think about yourself. That way, we provide a solution that really works.

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Do your work more easily, every day

For the teacher and the headmistress

Raise the interactive whiteboard quickly. Or start presenting in a meeting room in no time at all. We will have done our job if we are able to make it just that little bit easier for the end user.


Bending steel, welding joints, drilling holes: in our factory, our technical specialists work on the products with the utmost precision. Since the factory is right next to our office, we can connect with production in no time, making us flexible for our clients.


Technology is changing, just like the needs of end users. We’re keeping a close eye on this, and is why we are constantly innovating. This entrepreneurial spirit is what’s made us great.

Northern down-to-earthness

With our roots lying in a Frisian family business and having been raised in Tolbert, Groningen, Northern down-to-earthness is in our blood. That makes us honest and straightforward, so you always know where you are with us.


Come to us if you're looking for a new product. Simply get in touch with us and we'll put you in touch with a dealer. The dealer will ensure that the process runs smoothly – from placing your order to on-site assembly.

Our dealers are located across the Netherlands and several European countries, so they're never far away. So get in touch; help is close at hand. A dealer will also be able to provide anything else you might need – in addition to an ErgoXS mounting system.

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