Slimline Compact

The Slimline Compact is an electric double column lift system that you assemble yourself. We have it as a trolley – the Compact Mobile – and as a wall floor lift – the Compact Wall. Because we supply them as practical kits, you can order them by the dozen and transport and storage costs remain relatively low. Perfect for exports and tenders! And don’t worry about assembly: you can do it in fifteen minutes.

You can adjust the Compact Mobile up to 65 centimetres in height, from a minimum height of 103 centimetres to a maximum height of 168 centimetres. This makes it perfect for primary schools, as even small children can use it.

However, the Compact can also be used in offices, hospitals and care institutions, for example. Unique to the Compact is that it is CE marked but also TÜV certified and despite its slim design, it is extraordinarily strong: it carries screens up to 100 kilos. A real powerhouse!

TUV certificering






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