Flexline Lean

You mount the Flexline Lean on the wall and on the floor. This super professional tripod is made of high-quality materials, 1 metre 80 metres high and you mount the screen to the frame at a height of your choice. Screen, or screens. Because in addition to the Lean Lite, which carries a screen weighing up to 90 kg, we also have a Duo version. From this, you can hang two screens with a combined weight of up to 85 kilos.

And whether you choose the chic grey Lean or the business-like black version: in terms of tidiness, it makes no difference. In fact, both have space in the column for your own control panels, a socket and loose cables.

Finally, we have a Budget version suitable for flat and touch screens up to 50 kilos. On the Budget, you can tilt the screen 12 degrees and it is more reasonably priced. The choice is yours!

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