ErgoXS develops and produces standard and customised systems for moving touchscreens and monitors, as well as for attaching them to ceilings, walls and floors. We do this for companies and institutions, such as schools and banks. Our solutions tie in with the user’s requirements: from the teacher in the classroom to the director in the boardroom. This means they can do their work more easily, day in day out.

Our history
We arose from our big brother Score, the manufacturer of ergonomic work chairs, in Tolbert, Groningen, in 2006. We happen to be a genuine family company. They saw an opportunity in selling ergonomic clamps for monitors, and ErgoXS was thus born.

From blackboard to digiboard
Information technology developed in the years that followed, with blackboards giving way to digiboards with projectors. In order to help our customers better, we shifted our focus to mounting – as well as moving – large screens; and our customers were pleased with this. We have now developed into a major player in the international market: in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Helping users with input

We ensures our customers are more than satisfied, which we do by providing input. Who is the user? What are their needs? What is the situation? What’s more, we consider details customers don’t think about. That way, we provide a solution that really works. That might be a specially customised system or a standard product, which we also continually innovate. Technology changes, just like users’ needs. As true entrepreneurs, we keep a close eye on this.

Functional products, beautifully designed
A mounting system with which you can set a touchscreen at the desired height, at the touch of a button; or a movable trolley carrying a monitor, and in which all the cables are neatly tucked away. Our products are comfortable and convenient and easy to use. They are also high quality, meaning they can withstand a knock. However, we also pay attention to our products’ designs, since we understand all too well that appearances also count.

Expertise and flexibility
In our factories, out technical experts work on the products with the utmost precision. Bending steel, welding seams and drilling holes. It all comes down to the minutest details. Assembly is also performed with the greatest of care, as is the packing. Since the factory is close by – right next to our office – we can soon connect with production and thus with our customer. That makes us flexible, along with the fact we don’t have a 9-to-5 mentality. We can also see to orders that have to be sent out in the evening.

Honest and personal: that works
Northern down-to-earthness is in our blood, meaning we’re honest and straightforward. That way, our customers always know where they stand, and that works; just like the personal contact. In fact it goes without saying, since this is so normal for us as ErgoXS – originating as a family business. Personal contact between colleagues, but also between ourselves and customers, and we know this works too.