Wilhem van der Wiel
Wilhem van der Wiel

Export manager

Wilhem van der Wiel is our Export manager. This enthusiast lives in Groningen, can be found on the football field as head football coach in his spare time and focuses on France, Switzerland, Austria and Southern Europe. And for good reason; he’s multilingual.

lady with blonde hair in a black jumpsuit holding a laptop
Marieke Rink


Marieke Rink is our Marketer. Because you can make the very best products, but it won’t do you much good if no one knows about them. All our information goes via her. Marieke is straightforward, knows what she wants and what she wants for ErgoXS. She works every day with heart and soul to make ErgoXS…

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Franklyn Wolf

International account‑ & productmanager

International account‑ & productmanager Franklyn Wolf is responsible for out Key Accounts. He mainly focuses on the OEMs – original equipment manufacturers – with whom we work, he arranges everything around our product innovations and ensures that our range remains up-to-date. Franklyn is a real mediator who does everything in his power to ensure that…

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Mirjam Kuipers

Customer service representative

Mirjam Kuipers is our Customer service representative. Mirjam is ready to answer all your questions and is an essential link in our company. Because it’s thanks to her that our administration is in tip-top order at ErgoXS. She processes our orders, arranges transport, ensures that everything is shipped on time, and she does all of…

gentleman with blue jumper e white blouse smiling holding a laptop
Berthil Kranenborg


Sales manager Berthil Kranenborg has both an enormous international network and years of experience. He’s our rock, knows a whole lot about the company, about the market we operate in and the products we make. And he’s almost always in a good mood. A great guy to have around.

man wearing a dark blue vest and grey blouse holding a laptop
Eddie de Boer

Office manager

Eddie de Boer is our Office manager. Eddie knows everything and solves everything. Everything? Yep, everything. He’s the ErgoXS oracle, he knows every product type by heart, including their abbreviations, and is a true optimist. You’ll never get this no-nonsense Frisian off balance!

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Mark Nauta is our CEO. He started at ErgoXS in 2012. In 2015, he took over the company from his father. Since then, he has worked more on the company, than in it. That his staff is happy and satisfied is what he finds most important.