Working with a monitor or touchscreen more easily

With the Flexline, the most user-friendly mounting system


From presenting information to interactive communication: first and foremost, working with a monitor or touchscreen has to be easy. And that’s precisely what our unique Flexline mounting system provides.

Clean design

Within the mounting system there’s space for control panels, multiple sockets and cables. That keeps them out of sight, providing the characteristic clean design.

Easily movable

The system is movable, but is also suitable for mounting into ceilings, walls or floors. Since it is made from aluminium, both mounting and moving it are easy.


Available in black and grey

The mounting systems are available in black or grey. Choose the colour that’s fits the most.


No hassle with cables

All of the cables are neatly tucked away.
From now on, there’s no more untangling.


Everything at hand

From USB port and sound control, to screen operation and multiple socket: everything can be incorporated into the mounting system itself. That way, everything you need is right at hand.

Height adjustable

Any user, whether short or tall, can set this system to any desired height to work with a monitor or touchscreen.


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