High-quality, durable, exceptionally cleverly designed mounting systems for an affordable price. That’s what our Flexline offers. They are all lift systems that can be easily mounted on floors, walls, ceilings or on a combination of these, and then there’s also the mobile versions.

From the chassis to the screen sizes, and from the accessories to the mounting options for your screen, the possibilities with our Flexline systems are endless. The Flexline mounting systems offer excellent quality that should not be underestimated. A Flexline product exudes extraordinary style and aesthetics, with a well-thought-out design and made from high-quality materials. Every detail has been constructed with utmost care, resulting in seamless coherence. The end result is simply stunning.

Our Flexline systems are made of an aluminium extrusion profile with space left for built-in components such as a power strip and built-in panels from other suppliers; screen controls, for example. You can divide the open space exactly how you want it and fill the remaining space with a tight, rubber strip. Even loose cables can be neatly stowed away. Accessories such as laptop shelves or camera mount are available as options and easy to install.

During the further development of Flexline systems, we frequently collaborate with companies, as well as universities and hospitals. We customize our Flexline mounting systems entirely based on the preferences of our collaborative partners, in order to achieve the desired solution.

Need customisation?

Need something different from our standard range? We are happy to think along with you!