A mounting system tailored to your wishes

We offer a wide selection of standard products, but sometimes what you need is something that bit different. In that case, we’re happy to provide ideas for a customised solution.

The user comes first
We first discuss how the user actually is during a telephone call or a visit. What are their needs? What is the situation? What’s more, we consider details you might not think about yourself. That way, we provide a solution that really works.

From minor adjustment to major customisation
Sometimes, we can provide the right solution with a simple adjustment to a standard product. And other times, we create a mounting system customised especially for you.

Down to work

To make things easy, we set our solution down on paper. That way, you get a proper idea of the system. Should it be necessary, we can also produce a technical drawing. If it’s right for you, we can get down to work.


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