WMAV84 – Flexline wall mount with 5 degrees tilt function

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Wall mount fixed 800 x 400

With a fixed wall bracket, you can attach nearly every screen up to 120 kg flush with the wall. With the screen mounted flat against the wall, you reduce the risk of damages, because there are no moving or protruding parts. Handy for in busy rooms, or when space is limited and you want to attach the screen to the wall in a stable and solid manner. A wall bracket with tilt function is often used for screens that have to be mounted higher up a wall. By tilting the screen a few degrees, you create the perfect viewing angle for watching television. There is less annoying screen glare or flare on the screen.


  • The screen can be mounted at any height you wish
  • Tilt function 0, 2,5 en 5 degrees


  • Attach to the wall
  • After mounting, the screen can be locked with the pin included, so the screen can’t fall off. Optional, you can use a lock (not included) to lock the screen against theft.
  • Suitable for touchscreens and flatscreens with a VESA size (the distance between the attachment points x distance from the screen):
    • max. 800×400
  • Suitable for screens of a maximum of 120 kg
  • Made of steel
  • Color: aluminium-grey. Also available in the color black


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